Something About Nelson Junior

Born in 1971 , he began his musical at the age of 13, taking guitar lessons with Eduardo Ardanuy (Dr. Sin Guitarist), and in addition to his passion for music, too early devoted himself to drawing , reaching complete three technical courses , but the guitar " touched higher " in his life , and since 15 years , and he starts to teaching music, also forming his first bands , and in parallel became known in artistic circles , and collaborates with a lot of magazines like Rock Brigade, Tok Pra Quem Toca, Guitar Tablature , and others, Writing about Music, Teaching guitar and Collaborating in matters of musical area. .
At 19 had already recorded 4 instructional guitar videos , and many other projects in his life, and conduces his work to the Stone Hawks (in early 90’s), a heavier band with material in English , with which released their debut album .
Always regarded as a guitar “virtuoso” , he became part of the team of columnists Cover Guitar and Guitar Player Brazil .
As a partner of Royal Music (A Brazilian Importer Company) , became expert Zoom products , and its main a product specialist actions, workshops and events.
Acting as an independent music producer , he produced bands of alternative rock , and released his solo album titled Universolo (A Project who unites Rock and Metal to Electronic Music) .
Currently dedicated to educational projects, music production, and is ready with sufficient material to 3 albums in different areas and Musical Styles , Instrumental Rock, Metal and Pop and also finalize a lot of didactic projects, and it’s coming soon
Over the years , Nelson began to sing too , and even developed this activity in some spots and jingles , working in partnership with 624 productions and today with his NJ Productions , signing his works with his initials .
He played in bars and concert halls in São Paulo and in the interior, and workshops held at various locations in Brazil, as an expert Zoom among others .
Nelson Junior had criticized his work and always praised by specialized magazines, being recognized as one of the most important Brazilian guitarists.
Also wrote about music production to Roadie Crew magazine .
In a life devoted to music in all senses , Nelson Junior remains a quiet person, but with a mind full of ideas , having published 3 books, totally different areas , one on poetry , another spiritualist and a method of music, and are They “The Survivor Poet of the Time Machine” , “Understand yourself or gobble yourself” and “Speaking the Language Notes” , a music Method.
In his philosophy of life we have:
" Play is the art of listening to music that is asking to be played , and give life to it , shape it , and also purpose , knowing that silence is also music, but between breaks, there must be many surprises , as a story , sometimes spicy, sometimes dull , sometimes just like our life when we do everything as it should be done , and even then , we could have done more , or do anything. "

Nelson Junior Uses Seizi Guitars, Zoom Effects and Ernie Ball Strings

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